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At Calgary Ear Centre we go beyond the standard tests and hearing aid fitting, we work with patients to ensure they have the best possible outcome. Each patient will undergo an audiological assessment, review of results and will have time to address hearing concerns and ask questions relating to ear health. Our staff will listen to the patient and work together to understand individual needs and set goals for rehabilitation. If hearing aids are recommended it is done so with consideration of degree of hearing loss, individual goals, manual dexterity and finances.

Custom Ear Molds

Variety of applications

  • Swim Molds – waterproof plugs ideal for water sports, swimming and showering for people with chronic ear infection.
  • Communication Mold – a custom fit mold intended for use with a two-way portable radio system, often used by law enforcement offices and security guards.
  • Ear Defenders – the ultimate in hearing protection, a custom fit plug to prevent noise induced hearing loss.
  • Bluetooth Communication Mold – a custom mold designed for your ear and bluetooth ear piece to allow complete comfort for hands free communication. (Please note the bluetooth device will be needed for manufacturing)
  • Musician Ear Plugs – custom plugs that can be designed with different filters depending on individual requirements.
  • Sleeper Molds – ideal for sleeping, reading, travelling and anywhere quietness is desired.
  • Custom Earbuds – custom molds that house generic store bought earbuds promoting ease of use for vigorous exercise including running and comfort for personal listening. (Please note the earbuds will be needed for manufacturing)
  • Medical Professionals – custom ear pieces stethoscopes and other listening devices. (Please note the device will be needed for manufacturing)
Hearing Tests

What To Expect

When you come into your hearing evaluation appointment with one of our clinicians, you can expect to learn whether or not you have a hearing loss, the possible causes behind any hearing loss, the type and configuration of any hearing loss and the recommended treatment options. The severity of hearing loss is described using a standardized range starting with mild hearing loss and extending to a profound hearing loss.

If you have had previous hearing tests, it is helpful to bring this information with you to your appointment so that we can monitor for any changes to your hearing. We can complete hearing assessments for the purposes of employment, for hearing loss claims with Worker’s Compensation Board or Veterans Affairs Canada, due to possible medical concerns, or for the purposes of obtaining hearing aid amplification.

A hearing test with the Calgary Ear Centre will be comprehensive by evaluating not only if you have hearing loss, but how you are functioning with hearing loss and if amplification is the right treatment option for you.

Services We Offer

Employment tests | CPS/RCMP | pediatric hearing test (age 5 and up)

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