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General Information

Before Hearing Aids
Prior to obtaining any amplification you need to have a recent comprehensive hearing evaluation. You
may be referred for a hearing test to a private clinic, like the Calgary Ear Centre, or to Audiology Services
with Alberta Health Services. Even if you are not experiencing hearing concerns, it is good to obtain a
baseline hearing test.

If hearing loss is identified in your hearing evaluation, then you may be a candidate for aid amplification.
We are happy to consult patients regarding their hearing loss and whether or not they are a candidate
for hearing aids and what to expect with amplification. When you are fit with hearing aids, you are
entitled to a trial period with them. At the Calgary Ear Centre we offer a 60 day trial period. Contact us
today to schedule an appointment!

After Hearing Aids

Once you have completed a trial period with your new hearing aids, it is important to take good care of
them. Keep hearing aids away form excessive heat and moisture. Hearing aids need to be kept clean and
free of debris. You should book some time to see your hearing care provider at least once per year for
your hearing aid(s) to be cleaned and checked. At home you can clean your hearing aids by using either
a clean cloth, or non-alcoholic wipes. There may be changeable filters in your hearing aids or other
specific cleaning instructions. Make sure your hearing care provider reviews how to clean and maintain
your instruments!

Hear Better

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