Meet The Team

Our vision is to be a centre of excellence, providing current, evidence-based practices, in a facility with like-minded professionals. We endeavor to serve clients with compassion and integrity, in a collaborative environment, to enhance multi-disciplinary care.

Maxine Williams-Herbert, RHAP, BC-HIS, Registered Hearing Instrument Specialist

Maxine began her career as a Hearing aid Practitioner in Edmonton, Alberta in 1986. Once she achieved her accreditation, she traveled throughout Northern Alberta working with local health units to establish hearing aid clinics in remote locations. In 1997 she accepted a position that relocated her south to Calgary, where she continued to provide exemplary care for her clients.

As the Director of Hearing Aid Operations at the Calgary Ear Centre, Maxine has been given the opportunity to work with a team of highly skilled professionals to provide a one stop approach to hearing health care.

Deborah Lain, MSc, Registered Psychologist & Tinnitus Health Specialist

Deborah Lain, MSc, is a Registered Psychologist in Calgary, AB with 30+ years experience. Her area of specialization is in Health Psychology and in 2002, she developed a specialization in the Psychological Management of Tinnitus. Deborah offers individual counselling, specialty programs and has created a unique and comprehensive two-day Tinnitus Management Workshop. Her clients include Workers Compensation, Veterans Affairs and the Department of National Defense. Her area of expertise in this field is sought out by individuals across Canada, the US and emails seeking guidance from as far away as India and traveling from the US to take the workshop.

As a Tinnitus Health Specialist at Calgary Ear Centre, she assesses tinnitus impact on five dimensions of life and teaches self-control techniques on how to manage tinnitus and regain personal mastery and improved quality of life. Deborah has completed the Tinnitus Management Course through the American Tinnitus Association and is a listed professional service provider. She is an invited speaker to professional groups on the Psychological Management of Tinnitus and is a published writer including articles for Tinnitus Today. She has met with renowned researchers in the field of Tinnitus, including Dr's. Robert Sweetow, Richard Tyler and participated in a multidisciplinary concept for tinnitus at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic.

In addition to her role at Calgary Ear Centre, you are invited to visit her extensive website, at which highlights her approach to tinnitus management. Deborah is passionate about inspiring and empowering people with tinnitus to reclaim the aspects of life that have been impacted by this condition. She is one of a handful of psychologists who not only brings years of expertise to her work but also understands the mechanisms of the ear, hearing and neurophysiology involved in this challenging condition. Please contact her to experience the hope that exists for the person with Tinnitus.

Suzanne MacLaren, MA, R.Aud, Registered Audiologist, Tinnitus Education & Resource Specialist

Suzanne is a registered Audiologist, with 30 + years of experience. Her main areas of interest include tinnitus, hyperacusis, and cochlear implants. Suzanne is one of Calgary’s most experienced tinnitus specialists. She is co-facilitator of the Tinnitus Management Workshop, where her role is to present the audiological and neurophysiological mechanisms of tinnitus.

Suzanne established the Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Centre of Calgary in 1997, after being trained by Dr. Pawel Jastreboff at the Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Centre at University of Maryland, School of Medicine. She participated in clinical observation and training with the renowned, tinnitus expert, Dr. Jack Vernon. Suzanne is dedicated to consulting with top tinnitus researchers and internationally recognized tinnitus experts, including the highly respected Cleveland Clinic.

Suzanne’s other roles include that of Tinnitus Education and Resource Specialist for patients and professionals. She has presented to professional groups including the Alberta Provincial ENT Conference, the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA) National Conference, and numerous presentations for the Tinnitus Association of Calgary. Suzanne is a member of the American Tinnitus Association (ATA) and is registered as a professional service provider.

Suzanne believes in sharing a compassionate message of HOPE to those who have tinnitus, and reassurance that there are many things that can be done to improve quality of life while living with this challenging condition.

Morgann Martens, Administrative Office Manager

Morgann is the office manager and general administrator for Calgary Ear Centre with three years experience in the administrative field of audiology and hearing sciences. She is currently enrolled in the Hearing Aid Practitioner program at Grant MacEwan University.

Ian Campbell,B.P.Ed,BC-HIS, Registered Hearing Instrument Specialist

Ian is the part owner of Calgary Ear Centre. He brings 18 years experience in practicing hearing aid health care for clientele in the Alberta market. His strong belief in a client centered model of fitting hearing aids has helped Ian become a trusted resource for people with hearing loss in the Calgary region.