Alberta Aids to Daily Living – Subsidy offered to individuals over 65 years of age. Any client using this for the first time will immediately qualify for $900.00 off the total cost of the hearing aid(s). Additional funding can be applied for through the Cost-Share Exemption program. All paperwork and procedures will be conducted by the clinic staff.
Workers Compensation Board (WCB) – A claim for hearing loss may be accepted by WCB when it is the result of an occupational injury or the result of exposure to noise or toxins in the workplace. WCB will cover the complete cost of hearing aids, batteries and various accessories.
Veteran’s Affairs Canada/Department of Veteran’s Affairs – If you have served as a part of the Canadian Armed Forces, you may qualify for complete subsidy of hearing aids, batteries, and various accessories.
Hearing Aid Rental – Offers the ability to make small monthly payments and upgrade technology every 3 years.
Private Insurance – Though our clinic does not direct bill to private insurance companies, you may be eligible for funding or coverage. Speak with your provider about your hearing aid benefits.
Campbell McLaurin Foundation- This foundation for Hearing Deficiencies is a private charitable foundation established by Chief Justice McLaurin with an objective of assisting people of lower income with hearing deficiencies.