One of the unique features of Calgary Ear Centre (CEC) is that clients have access to a variety of specialized programs. Regardless of the health challenges you may be facing, it is possible to optimize your health and experience wellness by accessing information and resources that extend beyond the physical aspects of the condition. In addition to the medical symptom, people often experience impact in one or more of the following areas: emotionally, occupationally, cognitively, physically, or socially.

Our programs integrate both the physical and emotional aspects of your condition while providing you with the tools to be a participant in your own care. By doing so, you will experience the hope and empowerment that comes from learning how to minimize the impact of the condition on your life. We invite you to read more about what is available to you at Calgary Ear Centre.


  • Comprehensive Audiological Assessment
  • Specialized Tinnitus Assessment
    • ​Measuring hearing thresholds relative to perceived pitch and loudness of tinnitus 
    • Evaluating the effect of masking on tinnitus 
    • Evaluation of reduced sound tolerance 
    • Loudness Discomfort, Hyperacusis
    • Misophonia, Phonophobia
    • Residual Inhibition
    • Minimal Masking Levels
  • Educational Counselling
    • Anatomy and physiology of the auditory system
    • Explanation of audiometric findings 
    • Anatomy and physiology of the auditory system with respect to tinnitus perception and aggravation  
    • The role of the brain in tinnitus distress and intrusiveness 
  • Management Options
    • Sound Therapy: Hearing aids and masking options 
      • Environmental sound enrichment 
      • Referrals to other professionals | programs 


The two-day Tinnitus Management Workshop (TMW) has been created for those experiencing the challenging impact of tinnitus. While you may have been told that “nothing that can be done”, there are many skills that you can learn to turn despair into hope. By regaining a sense of control, you will be empowered to reduce the distress caused by the tinnitus and ultimately enhance your quality of life.

Successful coping with Tinnitus and other Sound Sensitivities is enhanced with the implementation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques. The 2-day Tinnitus Management Workshop (TMW) is extremely comprehensive, including the anatomy of the ear and hearing, discussions of devices and sound therapies, information about supplements and medication, and of course the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as they pertain specifically to tinnitus, sound sensitivities and other chronic symptoms. The program is committed to offering hope through education and teaching management skills that will allow those with tinnitus to transcend the sound and improve the quality of their life.

There is evidence based medical research that supports Cognitive BehaviouralTherapy (CBT) as offering significant benefit to those with intrusive tinnitus andrelated ear issues (Cochrane Review, 2007, 2010) and this recognition is reflectedin the recommendations from the American Academy of Otolaryngology, Headand Neck Surgery, Clinical Practice Guidelines - Tinnitus (October, 2014).For further details click the following:


We offer presentations to medical professionals and occupational consultant who see individuals that have experienced tinnitus as a result of any number of factors. These may include, but are not limited to, acoustic trauma, head or neck injury, long term noise exposure, aging, ototoxicity or other medical conditions.

  • ​Primary Care Networks 
  • Workers' Compensation Board 
  • Department Of Veteran Affairs'
  • Department of National Defense 
  • RCMP
  • Police Services
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Fire Department 
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Airlines
  • Other high risk occupational and recreational groups
  • Medical, paramedical groups
  • Geriatric populations 
  • Groups with high incidence of tinnitus

Note: Alberta Health Care does NOT cover the cost of programs that fall outside of medical/surgical intervention. You MAY have extended medical coverage through your employer that covers a portion of the cost of services but it is YOUR responsibility to consult with your insurance carrier in advance to ensure you know what is covered versus what will be a private fee. Private pay is due at the time of service and a receipt is provided for you to submit to 3 rd party coverage.