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Hearing aids are a great first step to better hearing and communication, but you deserve more. LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement) Auditory Training has been specifically designed by audiologists to maximize the effectiveness of amplification. The LACE program retrains the brain to comprehend speech up to 40% better in difficult listening situations such as noisy restaurants, rapid speakers and competing speakers. We are proud to offer the latest in hearing aid technology together with LACE Auditory Training as part of our ongoing commitment to patient care.

Meet The Team 

Ian Campbell

Registered Hearing Instrument Specialist

Alyssa M.K. Fex

Doctor of Audiology

Suzanne MacLaren

Registered Audiologist, Tinnitus Education & Resource Specialist

Morgann Martens

Administrative Office Manager

Real Customer Testimonials 

"My name is Ardelle, and I am 69 years young. I have been hearing impaired since I was a child. My hearing loss was caused by the many childhood illness I suffered from.

I have lived in a world of silence which I thought was normal. It has held me back in all walks of life. I cannot pronounce words right or spell correctly. I learned at a very early age to pay close attention to peoples facial expressions and body language. Almost two years ago I suffered permanent hearing loss in my right ear.

I have been very fortunate to be in the care of Dr. Justin Chau, who I cannot say enough about. He is a caring, thoughtful young man. He has nothing but your best interest in mind. He in turn suggested for me to go to another team member, Amanda Seamans, whom has turned out to be my hearing Angel. She has brought the world of sound into my life! I am hearing things I have never heard before. I can hear my footsteps as I walk through the grass, and over the hard wood floors. I can hear the wind in the trees, the birds sing & I can hear my little dog pant. I am hearing sounds that have scared the heck out of me as I could not figure out what the sound was.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Chau and Amanda Seamans for giving me my dignity, and the world of sound back to me. Let's not forget those girls at the front desk who always greet you with a big smile and hello "Ardelle!" ...they always remember your name! So thank you ladies.

I have had nothing but positive experiences at the Calgary Ear Center, and I would highly recommend the center to anyone."

- Ardelle Papp

"I would highly recommend the competent staff at the Calgary Ear Centre..."


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