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Outright Purchase

The clinic accepts all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) and debit for the purchase of hearing aids. Please be aware of purchase limits on your cards. The clinic machine’s tap limit is $100.00.


Paybright is a third party financing to own program that offers zero percent financing for a hearing aid over terms up to 18 months. These easy monthly payments are taken by credit card or direct deposit debit. Clients are required to undergo a credit check and can be provided with their eligibility the same day they apply! Potential clients can choose to apply in the clinic when they come for their initial assessment, or they can apply and see their eligibility before they come in for an appointment. Paybright contracts also include batteries, hearing aid checks.

**The Paybright program is currently only available for Widex Hearing Aids.

Hearing Aid Rental

The Hearing Aid Rental program allows an individual to lease a hearing aid over a 36 month term, rather than purchasing outright. The benefit of this program is the ability of an individual to upgrade their hearing aid technology after their contract expires, and continue to wear the most up-to-date hearing aids on the market. The hearing aid rental program is a third-party program with monthly rates as low as $64/month. The contract includes all service visits, batteries, and hearing aid checks, as well as a manufacturer warranty that is valid as long as the contract is in effect.

The process of obtaining a hearing aid through the hearing aid rental program begins with a full audiological assessment. A potential hearing aid client trials a hearing aid for a 30 day trial period before signing documentation and beginning their payments. Payments are taken via credit card on a monthly basis. Receipts and statements are emailed out directly to the client.

The Hearing Aid Rental Program offers no buyout option. Strictly contracted rental and not lease to own.

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