Hearing Aids

One of the great benefits of service offered at Calgary Ear Centre is that you get 100% unbiased prescription. We have access to all of the hearing aid manufactures allowing us to select the best device for your hearing needs and budget. Our staff can fit a full range of aids including; behind the ear aids, in the ear aids and in the canal aids. Hearing aids have changed significantly over time, now you have the ability to control your aids from your cell phone, or if you prefer something completely automatic we can do that too. We also have accessories to pair with your hearing aids that assist in difficult listening situations like noisy restaurants, how good does that sound.

We also have hearing solutions for people who are deaf in one ear but want to be aware of their surroundings. The CROS and BiCROS systems work very well and help people feel more connected and confident.

The CROS solution is best suited to someone who is deaf in one ear with normal hearing in the other.

The BiCROS system is appropriate for someone who is deaf in one ear and has some hearing loss in the other ear.

Hearing Aid Rental Program

We understand the upfront costs of hearing aids often results in people delaying or declining assistance in the form of amplification. To help more people connect and hear the world clearer we are pleased to offer a hearing aid rental program. Our rental program offers the complete range of hearing aid styles and technology levels. Depending on what device best suits your needs you can be fit and have all of our ongoing support for as little as $64 per month.